5 Things Visitors Need to Know When Visiting the Salem, OR Area for the Eclipse

We want you to have a fun and safe time while visiting us for the Great American Eclipse. If you’re not from the area, here are five things you’ll need to keep in mind regarding some unique laws and conditions in Oregon and the Salem area.

Traffic Law

Oregon implemented our Move Over law in 2003. This means that when you are driving on a highway with two or more lanes for traffic in the same direction, and are approaching:

  • an emergency vehicle
  • roadside assistance vehicle
  • tow vehicle
  • ambulance stopped on the side of the road displaying the required warning lights

you must:

  • Move over to a lane not adjacent to that emergency vehicle, roadside assistance vehicle, tow vehicle or ambulance.
  • If it is not safe to change lanes you must slow down at least five miles per hour under the posted speed limit

This is a CLASS B Violation and carries a presumptive fine of $260.

Marijuana Use

Oregon is one of a small handful of states where recreational marijuana use is legal. To legally possess marijuana you must be 21 years old. Even though it’s legal to posses and use recreational marijuana, it is illegal to use it in public. To find out more about using marijuana in Oregon, please visit this page.

Cell Phone Use While Driving

Oregon takes cell phone use while driving seriously. If you want to chat while driving, you’ll need to be completely hands-free. Also, don’t text and drive. Not only is it against the law in Oregon, its dangerous. Please take a minute to check out what the law says.

Private Property

Make sure you have permission to be on private property, especially in rural areas. We have lots of agriculture in Marion County and many fields belong to our farmers. These fields costs thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars to maintain. Be courteous and don’t drive or walk onto these fields without permission from the land owner. You will find some farmers have opened their properties up for visitors, but make absolutely sure you’re squared away before proceeding.

Farm Equipment on Roadways

While traveling throughout Marion County you may encounter farm equipment sharing the roadways. Use caution when approaching and most of all please be patient. Make eye contact with the farm equipment operator or make sure he/she knows you are there before passing.

We are proud to show the rest of the country and the world the special place that we live in. The most important thing we want you to remember, is to be safe, have fun, and be patient.

Bonus tips:

Yes it is true that you can’t pump your own gas in most places in Oregon, and yes, our speed limits are slower that many other states. But hey, at least there’s no sales tax!