Parking in Salem & the Surrounding Area During the Eclipse

parked cars

Welcome to the Salem, Oregon area!  Potentially 250,000 to 500,000 people could travel to the region to view the August 21 eclipse. Naturally, with that many people, comes heavy traffic. So what can people expect in regards to finding a place to park?

Where to Park in Salem?

The City of Salem has 1,109 on-street free three-hour parking places, and 2,083 parking spaces in our three parking garages in the Downtown core.  In addition there is metered parking available in the Pringle Parkade and on street just outside of the Downtown Parking District. All spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Use of transit, carpool and alternative modes of transportation other than vehicular is encouraged. Finding a parking spot could be difficult the weekend before, and day of, the eclipse. Please plan accordingly.

Will Parking be Enforced in Salem?

Parking rules will be in place. Please pay attention to where you park and keep track of time to avoid potential fines. Do not park in permit-only parking places unless you have a valid parking permit.

What about in Rural Areas?

Make sure you have permission to be on private property, especially in rural areas. We have lots of agriculture in Marion County and many fields belong to our farmers. These fields costs tens of thousands of dollars to maintain. Be courteous and don’t drive or walk onto these fields without permission from the land owner. You will find some farmers have opened their properties up for visitors, but make absolutely sure you’re squared away before proceeding.

Is There Anything Else I should know?

Please be courteous if you end up parking on side streets. Don’t block driveways or entrances, respect fire and other no-parking zones, and be patient.  We look forward to your future visits to our great city!

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